Our Process

Bluesolara Inc. is a system-driven company that uses an efficient way of interacting with our customers.

First Contact

During our first contact, we ask you the following:

1. Average electrical usage in KwH for the past 3 months (easily seen on your bill)
2. Device/s to power up
3. Number of devices
4. Wattage of the device/s
5. Hours of use

We have two points of initial contact:

1. Email
We will send information that we think will help you understand solar based on your requirements.

2. Phone
We will discuss about your solar requirements on the phone and answer questions you may have about solar.

Contact Us Today :)


After the initial contact, we then setup a meeting. We have a presentation that will make you understand more of what we do. We then review and discuss further your power needs and answer more questions from you. Most of the time, we send what we can to help you out right away.

If a meeting is not possible, we can send a feasibility study or cost-benefit analysis based on your power requirements.

Our technician will then provide you with a preliminary price quote for a solar power system customized to your energy needs. If the cost of the project meets your expectations, we will then schedule a site evaluation.

Site Inspection

Solar installations can be very successful when site inspection is done first. We perform a thorough site survey of your prospective system location with the proper instrumentation to assess all required parameters, including:

* Average available hours of sunlight
* Sunrise and Sunset locations
* Availability of suitable mounting areas
* Type of roof or mounting surface
* Shaded areas
* Average temperature during daytime
* Weather patterns
* Current and projected system loads
* Wire placements and wire lengths
* Component placement

Team Discussion

Successful solar power installation should be properly designed. There are many details to consider during a system design. We discuss and debate with a team of experienced installers and engineers about designing the most efficient, practical, but at the same time aesthetic solar power system.

We use the specific information collected from your site visit. Using high quality, efficient installation methods and hardware, Bluesolara installs durable, wind resistant and very effective systems according to how you want to see it.


After we analyze your place, your electrical bills, and your current goals, we provide a comprehensive recommendation of which size solar system is right for your situation.

* Results of our site analysis
* Recommended installation method
* Proposed system to meet your needs and your location
* Final price quotation for the recommended system that includes all equipment, involved fees, and installation.

Unified Agreement

When you have finally decided to go for our recommended system, we then proceed to agree upon certain sets of service rules which are actually the basis of the contract to be made.

You may remove rules that you deemed unnecessary or unfair and at the same time add rules that you think will balance the agreement. These rules, once agreed upon, will then be incorporated in the actual contract for signing which will be sent to you for review.

Notarized Contract

Once you have reviewed the contract and have agreed to sign, a formal written contract will then be made and a meeting will be scheduled for contract signing.

Notarization can sometimes be a challenge when the two parties are far from each other but we can always get around with this issue as long as we have good cooperation.

Then finally…


The final phase of the process is the installation. We will assure that your recommended solar power system is installed safely and in accordance with applicable building and electrical codes. With our experienced installers, you can be sure that your system will be installed with the highest quality and care.

Our crew bring a high level of quality, experience, and confidence to the job that is your assurance that your system will give many years of reliable, trouble-free performance.