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Bluesolara Solar PV Installers, Inc is a renewable solar energy business based in the Philippines that offers reliable and proven solar solutions for solar panels and photovoltaic technologies, aiding people profit from sun solar energy and at the same time bring about something great for our planet by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels and a correlating drop in air pollution and greenhouse gases thus mitigating climate change.

What We Offer

As of August 2014, Bluesolara achieved a PV system installation milestone of 450 kilo Watt peak. We are aiming to get to the 1 mWp mark.

60% of our solar installations are from residential projects (solar panel for home) while the remaining 40% is from commercial and several government solar projects. The common residential systems involved are at the range of 2 kilo Watt peak to 4 kilo Watt peak systems. Commercial solar systems varies from 10 kilo Watt peak to 100 kilo Watt peak or more.

Planet Earth is on the brink of its destruction due to uncontrollable use of fossil fuels and unending degradation of our environment. There exists several alternatives to lessen carbon dioxide emissions and we at Bluesolara has been on a mission to educate people about solar energy and the benefits it brings to the planet.

Solar pv panels is known as a unique form of electricity that may very well fuel the worlds lust for power .

There are many reasons as to why solar power trumps other energy solutions, and these kinds of reasons are not necessarily what you think.

The more we learn about changes that are happening to the environment the greater we all know that people wish to accomplish what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore just about everyone has been drawn time and again toward the benefits of solar panel power just like you who ends up having been drawn in this page.

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 Bluesolara sees every home particularly in the Philippines to have some form of solar technology being used. This is the ultimate vision of the company, solar energy used in every home.


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  • 1 MWp Mark 45%
  • Residential 60%
  • Commercial 40%

Our Work Flow




First Contact – We make contact via phone, email, or in person
Assessment – We then discuss your solar energy requirements
Site Inspection – We proceed to visit your place
Team Discussion – We then discuss our findings so we can re-assess



Recommendation – We then offer a most efficient solar panel system proposal
Unified Contract – We then create a contract for you to review
Notarized Agreement – When you agree, we then both sign the contract



After a contract has been made the following commences;
Solar panel Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Turn-over

After-sales, Support, and Happy to serve you customer service :)

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